An example of when/how I use essential oils in my day. A switch from mainstream chemical ladden products to plant based, pure and no nasties. Do you need to make some changes too? If you use any of these in your day I urge you to reconsider for something better... All of these I either make DIY from scratch using oil or buy pre made from DoTerra at a wholesale rate.

- Deodorant
- Shampoo & Conditioner
- Body wash & scrub
- Facial cleaner & toner
- Facial serum & moisturiser
- Toothpaste
- Air Freshener and Diffuser
- Body Oil/Moisturiser
- Hair Serum
- Under eye gel - Perfume
- Mood management
- Tea, Baking & Cooking
- Surface spray, mould remover
- Dish liquid, Dish Tablets
- Clothes wash, Floor wash
- Degreaser, Odour Eliminator
- Baby wipes, Nappy rash creams
- Foot massage
- Sleep support
..... and lots more